Islam: The Phoenix Rising from Western Ashes

There is a shift in thinking taking place concerning prophetic Scripture about the last days away from a European Antichrist to a Middle Eastern Antichrist. I believe this shift is evidence that the prophecy in Daniel 12 is coming true right now.

“But as for you, Daniel, conceal these words and seal up the book until the end of time; many will go back and forth, and knowledge will increase.”

[Daniel 12:4 NASB]

In proper context, this verse means at the time of the end many people will be searching the pages of Daniel’s book for prophetic insight because their knowledge will have increased. Knowledge of what? Their knowledge of history and current world trends. This can only happen with the unfolding of time that reveals these things to us.

So, what’s happening? What we are witnessing right now is the people who have been most hostile to the Jews and Christians throughout history, Middle Eastern Gentiles, are establishing a presence around the world upon the foundation of a violent, geo-political system of beliefs called Islam. Also, the European Union, the darling child of those looking for a revived Roman Empire is collapsing.

Islam: the phoenix rising from Western ashes. All of the action in the Bible takes place in the Middle East so when the Bible tells us there will be a 10-nation kingdom ruling the world at the time of the end, some scholars believe it is pointing to a localized 10-nation, Middle Eastern coalition. As you may already know, some scholars also believe Scripture points to a revived Roman Empire, perhaps in the form of the EU, doing the same.

Consider that every nation the Lord does battle with upon His return is listed by name in the pages of prophetic Scripture, is currently located in the Middle East and is currently occupied by Islam.

The dismantling fingers of Western decline are already around us like pre-tyrannical tendrils applying destructive pressure to the foundations of personal and religious freedom many of our governments are built upon.  The reality that our current leaders are helping a religion that preaches hatred toward every other is akin to leading us up to the altar and having us place our heads under the knife, willingly.

Our Western governments are sucking up all of our money to accomplish their own agenda of world dominance before our money becomes worthless during the disastrous economic time that is coming. You see, one needs money to gain the power, but when the power is gained, the money is no longer necessary. Power is the stronger aphrodisiac and the people in power are making the money anyway, literally.

The West’s descent into tyranny will allow this greater evil to thrive. It’s already happening.

The coming Islamic Caliphate. It does say in Daniel that the 10-nation kingdom will already be in existence when the Antichrist steps up to take control [Dan 7:7-8, 7:23-24]. The kingdom of the Antichrist is forming in the Middle East right now under the guise of the so-called “Arab Spring”. These riots will not result in democracy as the West understands it but governments established on Sharia Law. It’s already happening.

The United Nations: The great hope of the New Western Age. To further illustrate the clash between the West and Islam, I want to share with you a series of articles I wrote in 2009 before I created this blog.  They examine the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference, the United Nations being influenced by New Age Religion and also how I believe the real root behind anti-capitalism and the redistribution of wealth our world leaders are working toward is, in fact, the New Age Movement. On this web site, I call this attempt by the West to unite the world under a single governing body the New Western Age. Islam is attempting to do the same thing.

The one thing they both have in common. Islam and the New Western Age do have something in common. Both see Israel as a roadblock to their agendas. However, there will be a direct clash between these two ideals because they are not compatible. They are mutually exclusive. I wrote and published the following on my web site before the Arab Spring had even started:

“It seems the NWA is allowing Islam to spread, perhaps using it to disrupt and destroy the current free systems of government in order to bring about the change we so often hear about. I believe the NWA, in it’s arrogance, severely underestimates the power of Islam’s hate. It will backfire. There’s a coming war between these two ideologies. In fact, it has already begun. The NWA wants to destroy all monotheistic religions. Islam is a monotheistic religion that teaches conversion or death. There will be a showdown between Islam and this New Western Age. The NWA will lose. Both see Israel as a roadblock to their agendas. Christians and Jews will be caught in the middle. From this perspective, Islam et al will persecute Christianity [Rev 13:7].” [taken from The New Western Age and Islam]

Let’s begin our profile of the United Nations, and it’s New Age quest for the end of capitalism by the redistribution of the world’s wealth.

What’s amazing to me is that both have plans for a ten-nation powerbase. It’s almost as though Satan has a back-up plan in case his Caliphate fails.

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