The New Age Christ

Every major religion in the world is awaiting a savior to come or a savior to return.

  • Christianity is awaiting Jesus Christ
  • Judaism is awaiting the Messiah
  • Buddhism is awaiting the 5th Buddha, Maitreya
  • Hinduism is awaiting Krishna
  • Islam is awaiting the Imam Mahdi

The New Age Religion is awaiting the New Age Christ who conveniently claims to be all of the above.

Whether the entity written about in the above link is worth keeping an eye on, only time will tell. The point to be made is that the world is ripe for a false savior. The Antichrist will conveniently step up into that role deceiving the entire world except for the faithful few. As the New Age Christ, he will step up through this door of opportunity into the role of world-wide savior of humanity. Daniel 7:24 tells us the ten-nation world kingdom will already be in power when it is seized by the Antichrist. Bible prophecy also tells us the Antichrist will come before Christ returns. Everyone who is not a Christian, all the other major religions, will be deceived into thinking he is their savior they have been waiting for. All the people will eternally perish [Rev 19:20]. Prophecy says that those who do not have their name written in the Book of Life will eventually accept the Antichrist [Revelation 13:8]. Those who do not will be killed.

> The World into 10 (Meet the 10 Conveners of the 10 World Regions)

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