A Brief Guide to Beast System Ideologies

God’s Word describes the end-time Antichrist’s kingdom as a dreadful and terrifying beast [Daniel 7:7].  As the world moves toward a global government, there are already conditioning ideologies in place that have been working to make this kingdom a reality.  I call these beast ideologies and some of them have been around for a very long time.  Beast ideologies can be defined as conditioning systems of thought helping to bring about our submission to the reign of the Antichrist.

Below is a brief guide to these ideologies. I have attempted to simplify them to help those of you who don’t have the time to study these things.  As I’ve stated previously, you can recognize beast ideologies by their dehumanizing nature.  The dehumanization factors listed after each are derived from comparing these ideologies to our true, intended purposes as God’s Creation.  If you haven’t already, it will be helpful to review those purposes in Recognizing the Beast System before reading on.


Humanism. Any time man puts his future in his own hands it is called humanism.  Humanism, as we call it today, began in Genesis 3 and first peaked at the Tower of Babel when the entire populated world was in rebellion toward God.

Humanism teaches that man is all and man is good.  By default it is in opposition to God [Rom 1:25; Jam 4:4-6].  Who, then, does this leave as God?  Man.  It is a religion based upon the presupposition of the non-existence of the supernatural.  Humanism denies the existence of the One it is seeking to usurp as though He is already dead.  What this truly means is that the foundation of Humanism is the very real existence of God! Humanistic science fits into this category, which is why it can never arrive at any kind of truth about origins.  Humanism is the root of every spiritual departure since the beginning of time.

Dehumanization factor: attempts to keep us from God and in doing so erases our purpose, erases our uniqueness, erases our value, erases our free will, erases our morality

Humanism is the root of everything below.

Human Evolution. There is much to examine here.  The spiritual issue is that when God says there was no death before Adam, He means it [Romans 5:12; 1 Corinthians 15:21-22].  Death, both physical and spiritual, is a consequence of Adam’s sin.  This is why all men need Christ, who came to defeat death by His death and resurrection [1 Corinthians 15:21-22; Colossians 2:13-14].  If there was death before Adam, God is a liar and Christ’s sacrifice was vain.

To the contrary, human evolutionary theory says that death has always existed and has actually led to the development of man.  Therefore, we are really only animals and not necessarily better than any of the other animals.  In fact, we are worse simply because we have a conscience and act against it.  In reality, having a conscience and knowing right from wrong is evidence of mankind being made in the image of God [Genesis 1:26-27; Romans 1:19; 2:14-15].  God also says we are more valuable than the animals He also made [Matthew 12:12; Luke 12:7].  Equating us with animals justifies abortion, euthanasia, genocide, homosexuality, etc. because we then have no real moral accountability and no real purpose, only the purpose that we make.  It leaves no basis for any kind of morality but operates on the idea of relativism, or man deciding truth and morality for himself.

Dehumanization factor: erases our purpose, erases our uniqueness, erases our value, erases our morality, equates us with animals

For a correct view of our origins, please visit the Institute for Creation Research or Answers in Genesis.

Environmentalism. Man-made global warming is now called climate change for lack of any real evidence.  The genius of this name change is that any warming or cooling that occurs, or for that matter any unplanned, environmental rearrangement, can be blamed on man.  I’m going to include a little extra on this topic because climate change is the vehicle being used by the NWA to usher in a one-world government (please see The New Western Age and Islam for a definition of NWA).

Man inherently knows there will be an end to the earth.  Christ will one day return to set up His Kingdom [Matthew 12:32].  Satan can do nothing to stop it, so he has distracted mankind into thinking that its bad environmental practices will be the cause of this destruction.  Stewarding God’s Creation is biblical, but seeking to save the earth from its looming destruction is entirely contrary to God’s Word.  Furthermore, we can’t.  God has reserved the destruction of the earth for Himself [2 Peter 3:10-13; Revelation 21:1].

When God created Adam and Eve, He gave them stewardship over the earth and all it contained [Genesis 1:26-31].  He was showing them their place in His world.  He was showing them they were more valuable than the animals because they were to rule over them.  A righteous rule is implied because, remember, Creation was still perfect and man was still without sin [Genesis 1:31].  However, after Adam sinned, God cursed mankind and the earth along with it [Genesis 3:17-19].  As a result of sin, the earth is passing away in anticipation of a new heaven and earth [2 Peter 3:10-13].  Also, as a result of sin, mankind has failed to meet the requirements of proper stewardship as set by God.

The earth’s environment gets abused and we can all agree it should not be this way.  However, what environmentalism does is to point a finger at man, blaming him for the coming destruction of the earth by calling him the virus of the planet as this video demonstrates:

http://www.threeleggedlegs.com/repertoire/humans/ (scroll down this page to view video)

In an amazingly ironic way, this is really a kind of twisted, self-demeaning arrogance.  Man is so arrogant he accuses himself of having the capacity to destroy the planet that God says He will destroy… because of man’s arrogance.  Man is so prideful, he proceeds to point his finger at himself in blame.  This is truly an amazing thing to me!  This issue of climate change fully highlights the depravity of the human mind because this confusion can only be explained against the backdrop of man’s sinful nature.

Environmentalism elevates the planet, its habitats and creatures above man.  This is why all of environmentalism’s solutions are to the detriment of human life.  In fact, environmentalism advocates population control, which can only be brought about by massive amounts of human deaths.

Until God ends this age, I prefer to believe His promise in Genesis 8:22:

“While the earth remains, Seedtime and harvest, And cold and heat, And summer and winter, And day and night Shall not cease.” [Gen 8:22 NASB]

The accusatory tone of blaming man for the coming destruction of the earth is from Satan.  He is mankind’s accuser before God [Revelation 12:10].  He continues to rub our noses in Adam’s original sin in an attempt to keep us in bondage.

Dehumanization factor: erases our purpose, erases our uniqueness, erases our value, erases our morality, pushes us below animals

For a correct view of our stewardship responsibilities, please visit the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation.

Collectivism. Collectivism leaves no room for individuality.  It holds that each person must sacrifice his life, liberty and pursuit of happiness for the sake of everyone.  This type of thinking can be extended beyond death as well.  In essence, it is a sacrifice of our very soul.  Many people believe that, upon death, we will return to an impersonal, cosmic conscience to contribute to the progress of the universe.  God says He intimately made us each different from one another [Psalm 139:14].  This ideology attempts to erase our uniqueness and lessen our value as His Creation.

Dehumanization factor: erases our purpose, erases our uniqueness, erases our value

Socialism. Socialism is a product of collectivism.  It is based upon the idea that man, who is not good or even neutral, will actually want to willingly sacrifice for the sake of the collective.  This type of thinking denies the reality of man’s selfishness and is contradictory to the idea of freedom.  This is why socialism has to be enforced by law and also why it has always failed.

Dehumanization factor: erases our purpose, erases our uniqueness, erases our value

See Reality of Man’s Corruption

Ecumenism. Cultural ecumenism is also known as interfaith dialogue or interfaith pluralism.  It holds all religions as equal.  It claims that all faiths worship the same God but in their own way.  What cultural ecumenism is really saying is that Jesus is not the only way to God even though He says He is [John 14:6; Acts 4:12].  As a result, Jesus becomes a liar.  Cultural ecumenism also denies the reality that God judges rebellion and sin.  Equating man’s fallible religions with God’s Word is, in actuality, denying the existence of God.

Dehumanization factor: erases our purpose, erases our uniqueness, erases our value, erases our morality

Extraterrestrial life. The existence of intelligent, extraterrestrial life is a hotly debated topic.  It is my belief that these beings are demons and fallen angels for many reasons (I will not explore this here since it is my intention to be brief).

It may surprise you to know the door leading to extraterrestrial life has been held open by human evolutionary theory.  It is not uncommon to learn from proponents of evolutionary theory that our planet has been seeded by a higher, extraterrestrial intelligence.  However, pushing our origin further off the planet still does not solve the problem.  This is only an attempt to place our origin outside the realm of human exploration.  As the familiar adage says, out of sight, out of mind. The belief in extraterrestrial life is also one of the foundations of the New Age religion.

Dehumanization factor: erases our purpose, erases our uniqueness, erases our value, erases our morality, equates us with animals

All of these ideologies discussed can be considered controlling in that they deny the existence of God, seemingly leaving man in charge of his own future.  Man wanting the right to control his future is the theme of his rebellion against God and always results in the controlling of other men.  This is the birthplace of all atrocities against fellow man.

More to be added later.

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