Conspiracy, Conspicuous or Both?

Conspiracy. We’ve all heard the loud whispers of conspiracy theories.  Unfortunately today, conspiracy has been redefined to mean a paranoid theory perpetuated by anti-government anarchists who are out of touch with reality and the needs of the planetary population.  I submit to you that conspiracy is very real and has been operating for some time within the walls of not just our government, but many governments around the world through the ages.

We can all agree that no matter who’s in charge of our country we always seem to be headed in the same direction.  It’s only the pace that fluctuates.  How can this be?  Whether or not we believe our world leaders are sitting around drafting plans of world domination with one another in dark, smoke-filled rooms makes little difference when we understand who the Original Conspirator is and the reality of man’s corruption.

Conspicuous. The things that have been happening in the world are exactly the kinds of things Jesus tells us to be watching for at the end of the age [Matthew 24:3-35].  As Christians, we should expect evil to penetrate the minds of ungodly leaders while corrupting their ways with the allure of power and personal gain [2Ti 3:1-5].  With the many declarations of world governance over the last few years, the making of this end-time beast system is no longer beyond the public’s eye.

So, how are we to recognize this beast system?

> The Original Conspirator

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