Recognizing the Beast System

The beast system. God’s Word describes the end-time world kingdom as a dreadful and terrifying beast [Daniel 7:7].  The beast system has been active throughout the world since the events at Babel [Genesis 11:1-9]. By learning how to spot it, you can avoid being a part of it and make better spiritual decisions for you and your family.  On this site, we will examine where the beast system came from, how it has survived through the ages, and how it is giving rise today to the two opposing worldly forces, the New Western Age and Islam.  Both are a part of this system.

Recognizing the beast system starts with knowing that Satan is a real being.  It also starts with accepting the reality of man’s corruption.  These two realities define the drive behind the current world trends.

There is one other thing you need to know that will make it easier to recognize the beast system.  You need to know your true purpose.  When you understand your intended purpose as God’s Creation, spotting the beast system can be easier.

To recognize the beast system, you need to know:

  • Satan is a real being
  • The reality of man’s corruption
  • Your true, intended purpose

What is your true purpose? Every person who has ever existed has wondered what his or her purpose was.  The Bible answers this age-old question.  What is your purpose?  You were made for Christ [Colossians 1:16].  You were made to worship God who has nothing greater to give you than Himself [Revelation 4:11].  The God of the Universe wants you to know Him, and, in that knowing, He desires to blow your mind for eternity [Ephesians 2:4-7]!  It’s impossible for Him not to.  He is God.  For those of us who know Him, that is indeed an eternal blessing beyond anything we can comprehend.  God made you each unique [Psalm 139:14].  He intimately fashioned you with His own hands [Psalm 139:13-15].  That means you are of value to God.  In fact, God says you are more valuable than the animals He also made [Matthew 12:12; Luke 12:7].  And, by the way, this also means that you’re not animals (mammals).

  • God created you for Himself
  • God created you with a purpose
  • God created you uniquely
  • God created you with value
  • God created you with free will
  • God created you in His image
  • God created you separate from and higher than animals
  • God created you to know Him

As a general rule, anything that seeks to undermine, lessen or totally debase your true, intended purpose as God’s creation and diminish your value is part of the beast system.  This started with Satan in the Garden of Eden [Genesis 3].  It continues in today’s ideologies as the process of dehumanization.

This is actually a form of hate.


An ideology is the body of doctrine, myth, belief, etc., that guides an individual, social movement, institution, class, or large group.  You can identify the beast system by comparing our modern ideologies with the Word of God starting with the list of truths above.  By the way, just because these ideologies may have fancy, new names doesn’t mean they really are new [Ecclesiastes 1:9].

Look for the process of dehumanization. To dehumanize is to deprive of human qualities or attributes; to strip of individuality.

When you are examining ideologies, always ask yourself this question:

Does the outcome of the ideology presented result in the dehumanization of mankind?

If the answer is yes, it’s probably a part of the beast system.  Humanity’s qualities, attributes and individuality come from God.  He made us in His image [Genesis 1:26; James 3:9].  Though we have been marred by sin, we still possess them.  These include such things as purpose, the ability to reason, the ability to use logic, the ability to make moral judgments, the desire to do good, etc.  Therefore, anything that seeks to diminish your true purpose or to demean you or to equate you with animals can be considered part of this system.

Remember, Satan hates you whether you are Christ’s or not as evidenced by Him trying to keep you from God.  His goal is twofold:

  • He attempts to continually ruin God in our eyes to the point where we don’t see Him [2 Corinthians 4:4]
  • He attempts to continually ruin us in the eyes of God [Revelation 12:10]

A life without knowledge of God is always to our detriment.

Look for a process of control. God is in control, not controlling.  Are you aware of the difference?

God has made you with free will so you can choose to love Him but He will not make you love Him.  God has also made you with a built-in moral compass so that you innately know what is right and wrong [Romans 1:19; 2:14-15].  Any ideology that seeks to control you by suppressing God’s absolute moral law can be considered part of the beast system.

This is more commonly known as oppression.

Listen for accusatory overtones. The Holy Spirit convicts us of our sin to make us more like Christ [John 16:8].  He doesn’t condemn us [Romans 8:1].  Satan does that.  He is our accuser before God [Revelation 12:10].  It’s one thing to know you have messed up and to seek forgiveness from the Creator because you don’t measure up in the eyes of a Holy God.  It’s another thing, entirely, to wallow in the scum of the puddle from which humanistic science claims you came while living out your days believing yourself to be the virus of the planet.  Do we deserve the forgiveness of God?  The answer is no, we don’t, but He freely gives anyway [Romans 6:23].  God dealt with our problem of sin so that we can move on and be restored to Him.  This is particularly relevant in the man-made global warming debate.

Both look for a process of control and listen for accusatory overtones are a part of the dehumanization process.

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