Sign the Petition to Stop Planned Parenthood’s Taxpayer Funding

A growing number of states are stopping Planned Parenthood from receiving hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer funds. Planned Parenthood is aggressively suing to stop these pro-life laws, fighting to keep the taxpayer dollars that account for nearly half of their annual budget.

The ACLJ is standing up to Planned Parenthood in court and we need you to stand with us. Sign our petition and send a powerful message to every state – the time to defund Planned Parenthood is now.


The American Center for Law and Justice is what the ACLU pretends to be but isn’t.

If you want to know what is happening at this exciting time in the war against abortion, Jay Sekulow (Chief Counsel, ACLJ) is the one to listen to. His program Jay Sekulow Live! is an excellent and informative show. I have been listening to it for years:


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