Abortion. What a very sad thing.

A friend sent me this article about the astronomical number of abortions that have been performed in our country and now I’m very sad.

>> Counting Our Hot Buttons: Abortion Numbers in Perspective

You know, Satan wants us to believe we are nothing more than animals and he has done an excellent job convincing many people with the hideous lie of human evolution. The reasoning is this: if we are nothing more than animals, then any and every kind of immorality is permissible. I mean, what does it matter? There’s no such thing as an afterlife and no one to be accountable to, right?. When we die, we die.

Don’t believe the lie. The tenacious and generally intolerant effort to assert evolutionary science as truth by those not wanting anything to do with the idea of a Creator God has been like a weighty, darkening force occupying our educational system and actively opposing any kind of spiritual relationship one might develop with the God of the Universe.

This force has been virtually unchallenged by Christians for many decades and left to fester into a sinister poison in the minds of children of all generations since its inception.

…and our poor children. Look what is happening.

Please know we were made separate from animals, higher than animals and with a purpose [Genesis 1:26-30].

We were made in the image of God. We are not animals. We are not mammals.

And, if there was death before Adam as evolutionary science assumes, then there is no salvation for anyone [Romans 5:12].

Learn more about the lie of human evolution as well as other beast system ideologies and how they are helping to usher in the end-time kingdom of the Antichrist:

The ACLJ is standing up to Planned Parenthood in court and we need you to stand with us. Sign our petition and send a powerful message to every state – the time to defund Planned Parenthood is now.


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