Decoding Environmental Alarmism’s Buzzwords & Euphemisms

Earth From Space

Earth From SpaceBelow are some excerpts from an article entitled “Population and consumption key to future, report says” from the BBC web site. I’ve decoded some of the environmental buzzwords and euphemisms for you to review. The words emboldened are the words you are likely to hear during these kinds of discussions. Now you can know what they really mean.

From the article:

“Over-consumption in rich countries and rapid population growth in the poorest both need to be tackled to put society on a sustainable path, a report says.”

Sustainability means, simply, the ability of the population to live where it lives. If it is determined that the current population of an area cannot be supported with respects to food, water, shelter and care, then it is considered unsustainable and things like family planning can be introduced.

“Firm recommendations include giving all women access to family planning, moving beyond GDP as the yardstick of economic health and reducing food waste.”

Family planning means abortion, which means murdering children who have yet to be born.

The phrase “…giving all women access to family planning…” at the very least means someone is determining that women should have a choice to murder their unborn babies. At the most it means that someone will actually be making that determination for them. This is what’s going on in China right now. Really, this is a form of population control which is favored by the UN and, therefore, by people in our own government.


“Meanwhile they say that the richest must cut back on the material resources they consume – though that might not affect living standards.”

“Eliminating food waste, slashing fossil fuel burning and switching economies from goods to services are among the simple measures advocated to reduce the developed world’s footprint without reducing the prosperity of its citizens.”

‘”A child in the developed world consumes 30-50 times as much water as in the developing world; CO2 production, a proxy of energy use, can also be 50 times higher,” noted Sir John.

“We cannot conceive of a world that is going to carry on being as unequal as it is, or even become more unequal.”’

This is referring to the idea of social justice we hear about, or, as the New Age Religion calls it, sharing. It is the redistribution of the world’s wealth. This is President Obama’s change he speaks about so frequently. It is hoped that these changes can be brought about by scaring the population of the earth into believing in man-made climate change; that somehow CO2, which is plant food, is bad for the environment. If you haven’t thought it through, what social justice will do is eventually stifle the growth of the developed nations and bring them down to the same industrial level that it will assist the undeveloped nations to reach according to what the governing body deems appropriate. This is the redistribution of wealth on a global scale, the end of the sovereignty of nations and of capitalism. It is not possible to “reduce the developed world’s footprint without reducing the prosperity of its citizens.”

Rest assured that man-made climate change is not established science as we are told, and God is not silent on the issue.

Is the earth really overpopulated? Since we have decoded and defined the popular environmental jargon of the day, I’d like to turn your attention to the overpopulation myth we continually hear about. We looked at what sustainability means, above. It has been determined that the population of our entire planet is currently unsustainable and will only continue to get worse. But, is that true?

Here are the excerpts:

“Although the size of the Earth’s human population used to be a main ingredient of environmental debate, it has fallen off the table in recent years.

“In part that was because the Earth appeared able to support more people than predictions had suggested, and partly because developing countries came to view the population issue as a smokescreen to hide Western over-consumption.”

“However it is now back on the table, largely because of research showing that women in the poorest nations generally want access to family planning and that people benefit from it.”

Actually, it has “fallen off the table in recent years” because it is not true. It’s “back on the table” because manipulated data + a dose of fear + the general public’s lack of understanding of the issue = the desired response of the general public when confronted with the idea of overpopulation. This helps to promote population control.

The data is being manipulated to make it seem like there is a problem, and people, for some reason, respond to the fearful idea of overpopulation. In reality, 7 billion people could fit into the state of Texas. The entire rest of the world would be empty, providing plenty of land to produce food to sustain the population. As one author states, “…every person in the world could live inside of Texas without overcrowding. We could all have water with just the Columbia River alone. And we could easily feed ourselves with just the farmland within the US as it exists.”

The scientific dictatorship. This idea of man-made climate change and overpopulation is a product of the West. The West wants to build a global government and they are doing it by trying to establish a scientific dictatorship. On this web site, I refer to this ambition as the New Western Age. Simply described, scientists tell us things and we believe them without ever researching what they tell us or handling the data ourselves. Scientific consensus and peer review have replaced actual fact in a large part of the scientific community, the part that is the foundation of global policy-making. These large areas would include human evolutionary theory and man-made climate change.  Both are Beast System Ideologies.

All of these ideologies have been included under the banner name environmentalism. This form of environmentalism is always to the detriment of human life. Someone has to determine and define these ideas of sustainability, overpopulation and family planning. Reality has been telling us it’s not going to be you or I, but the people who are already in power. You know, the people who are already doing all the things we don’t like. Sustainability results in family planning, which is the murder of unborn children, and the preferred way for population control.

Did you notice the picture in the article? Ironically, the man in the picture chosen to help make the author’s case actually speaks against it. How? By doing his part. It appears he’s recognized a concern and is in the gym attempting to lose weight for the benefit of his health. The natural results from his success will include lowering his consumption of the earth’s resources and possibly being a source of encouragement for others to do the same. He has personally taken the initiative to make a change. That’s the way it should be – no government entity needed.

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2 responses to “Decoding Environmental Alarmism’s Buzzwords & Euphemisms”

  1. This is excellent. I wish more people cared to hear it. I always want to forward these articles, but it’s been expressed that not everyone is interested. Maybe when the day actually comes they will listen.

    • hi Sarah! you know, perhaps the most frustrating thing for me is to be encouraged to benefit the body only to have some push it away. anyway, the truth will come out. it always does.

      part of my motivation for this ministry is to expose these things so people can see the grey battlelines in black and white in order to know what to avoid and make better spiritual decisions for them and their families. most people, even Christians do not realize we are in a spiritual war, the very same one which has been around since Genesis 3:5 and was spread all over the earth at Babel.

      i don’t know if you’ve ever watched Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed but you should. you can find it on netflix. it’s an exposé of the scientific dictatorship that has emerged in evolutionary science and it traces this modern day idea of “family planning” back to its root in Eugenics starting with Margaret Sanger, the founder of Planned Parenthood. this was a catalyst for the atrocities performed by Hitler in WW2. fascinating and sad. highlights the persistence behind Satan’s hatred for mankind.

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