Occupiers tricked into targeting the system instead of the people who abuse it

I am truly so very saddened that so many of the people participating in these occupy movements are so confused that they don’t even know what they’re protesting. It turns out only to be something that has been made up for them in their heads as the dialogue in this video demonstrates.

I am really amazed when I witness first hand the convoluted reasoning it takes to arrive at capitalism as the culprit of man’s atrocities.

It truly blows my mind when people target the Constitution for termination… the very document that is allowing them to speak out against it in the first place… and think they are acting with any kind of sense.

“Hey everyone! Let’s use the freedom of speech guaranteed by our Constitution to speak out against it, show everyone how bad it is and get it abolished!”

Then we can march in victory parades shouting things like this:

“Well, thank God for the freedom of speech guaranteed by our Constitution which allowed us to speak out against it so we don’t have it anymore!”

Yeah, actually… no. We wouldn’t be able to do that. There goes our freedom. There goes the United States of America.

The one rule of freedom. The only thing being displayed at these occupy movements is that the Constitution also protects the expression of very bad ideas. And just because the expression of bad ideas is also protected doesn’t mean they must automatically be considered as valid, good and true. Freedom does have a rule – responsibility. We must be responsible enough to maintain it. What ever happened to critical thinking?

Targeting the system instead of the PEOPLE who abuse it. You know, I actually pretty much share this person’s concerns (except about Israel of course) but he has been tricked into lashing out at the wrong source. He is targeting an inanimate object, the U.S. Constitution, instead of the PEOPLE who have been interpreting it poorly or ignoring it altogether and abusing our system of government. By doing so, he is actually helping to establish what he says he doesn’t want. He is tricked into believing that our system is to blame instead of the PEOPLE manipulating it. Our system, our Constitution, is only as good as the people maintaining it.

He is protesting against their abusive, immoral actions but by targeting the wrong source, he is actually helping them accomplish their goals – the abolishing of the U.S. Constitution and, subsequently, the end of the United States of America. Do you see how twisted that is? I wish more people understood the reality of man’s corruption. Maybe we would take better care in protecting our freedoms.

As one commenter from youtube says:

“The common thread connecting all of the Occupiers is they are completely ignorant of history, economics and human psychology.

Yet these same people who won’t even bother to study these topics are calling for the end of capitalism and our government.

Here’s a clue for you Occupiers, those that are actually knowledgeable on these topics, like this interviewer schooling this moron, support capitalism and our government.”

I agree, though I wouldn’t call this person a moron, only tricked. The only way to fight against the people manipulating our system is to allow our Constitution to do what it was created and intended to do and exercise the freedoms it guarantees.

However, I fear this window of opportunity is closing rapidly as evidenced by the current state of things.

Liberalism seeks to liberate us from freedom. It is a euphemism for totalitarianism and this video is a good demonstration of what it is to be tricked by it because liberalism always generates the exact opposite of its stated intent.

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