What happens in Britain will happen here

Britain has been an involuntary case study in many ways concerning what happens when a people group moves into another country without respecting its laws and values but instead seeks to change the country to its own ideology.

Even the liberal media in Britain is waking up to this. View part of a news report here. Here’s a synopsis of the clip from the original web site:

Jon Snow reports for Channel 4 Dispatches on British TV, doing a survey on British Muslims. Channel 4 despite some silly language interpretations seems to now understand that the new generation of Muslims appear to be a grave threat to Britain and should be a warning to us that this will happen to the rest of the West including USA unless we implement some politically incorrect policies very quickly. The first step is our leaders and media including the conservative media need to at least recognize the problem. Once they admit the problem we them can tackle it. An alcoholic cannot be cured unless he admits that he is an addict. We are currently the alcoholic that does not admit that there is a problem.

(View the whole report here)

Americans need to wake up and pay attention.

Other stories concerning Britain I’ve posted:

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