Occupiers don’t seem to be occupying their mind so much

I find it entertaining that these people who are protesting against capitalism are walking around using iPhones, sipping on Starbucks coffee and sleeping in tents they bought at Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Occupiers with Computers and iPhones because of Capitalism
Occupiers with Computers and iPhones because of Capitalism.
Occupier with Starbucks Coffee because of Capitalism
Occupier with Starbucks Coffee because of Capitalism.
Occupiers with Tents from the Sporting Goods Store because of Capitalism
Occupiers with Tents from the Sporting Goods Store because of Capitalism.

They are not being consistent to their own beliefs and I can’t take them seriously because of that… not that I did anyway. They think they are involved in some great movement for freedom when they are actually protesting to have their lives controlled by a government.

Frustrating… and sad, really.

They are advocating what they believe will be a better America under socialism. If we are to learn what America would be like from their example, we are forced to conclude that America would be a mostly anarchic, smelly, garbage-littered, sexual free-for-all, devoid of any kind of deep thinking, common sense or logic. Such are the things reported as happening in these camps right now.

Socialism is flawed in that it assumes that man is generally good and actually wants to help his fellow man. Humanity’s sin nature tells a different story and we have a multitude of examples showing us that socialism has failed in every attempt.

Truth is, if people want to help other people here in our country, there’s nothing stopping them from doing so right now with our current system of government. By protesting for another system, they are betraying their true intent and displaying their real motive – selfishness. They want things they believe they are entitled to and because they don’t have the money for them to begin with, they want other people to pay for them.

Without the love of Christ, no one can live out a lifetime of sharing. People don’t have it within themselves to do so. It is only by the love of Christ that makes someone want to truly share what they have.


2 responses to “Occupiers don’t seem to be occupying their mind so much”

  1. While I’m not quite sure of the extent of the Occupy movement in the United States (I’m Australian) I believe that perhaps a qualification of terms is needed to move us forward. While it does seem slightly hilarious for a bunch of hipsters with iMacs and corporate coffee to be protesting Capitalism, I was under the impression that they were taking a stand against corporate greed, and in a more limited capacity against Keynesianism. Not quite sure, but I thought I would mention it. On a side note, I love how angry that guy is in the picture while simultaneously making sure not to spill his coffee!

    • you know, i’m not sure i know the extent of their protests because… i don’t believe they do. there are all kinds of people there doing all sorts of crazy things. but i would say, they may be protesting corporate greed, but instead of singling out the greedy people, they are calling the entire idea of capitalism evil. silliness. it is an immaterial idea neither good nor evil.

      and yeah. that picture of the guy with the coffee is funnnny! he’s so upset.

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