One Race, One Blood // Ken Ham

Recognizing and acknowledging how God created us is the answer to racism. We’re not different colors. We’re all shades of the same color: brown. We’re not different races. We’re all descendants of one man and one woman. So, how many races of people are there? ONE.

One Race, One Blood

Different People Groups Cultures

1 Corinthians 15.45

Genesis 3.20

Acts 17.26

Tower of Babel

The dispersion of the people-groups at Babel accounts for the differences of the various cultures around the world [Genesis 11]. It also accounts for the similarities of the various cultures throughout time, like the similarities in megalith building based on advanced astronomical knowledge which allowed the ancients to measure and map the globe, and the similarities in myths and religions including creation myths and global flood stories.

Science done correctly confirms the Bible

Sequence Human Genome

Vary Only Slightly

Biological Problem with Race

Concept of Race Abolished

All Humans Homo Sapiens

Programmed to Recognize


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