The New Holocaust Is Rapidly Spreading Across Europe

The New Holocaust Is Rapidly Spreading Across Europe

The New Holocaust Is Rapidly Spreading Across EuropeDespite the rest of the world continuing to ignore the new holocaust in the Middle East with the same eerie silence that was so noticeable on the eve of WW2, it is now spreading across Europe.

If you don’t know about the massive migration of Islam taking place from the Middle East into Europe, look it up. It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen. Europe was already in trouble, but with the fall of Greece, especially, it now has a completely open border. While it’s entirely understandable that people would flee from war and death, on an unsecured border, with the good come the bad.

Numerous European countries are now attempting to build fences but its already too late. This is the new Europe — soon to be renamed Eurabia. Watch how quickly the mosques go up. And if things continue on the way they are, America will not be far behind.

People, please wake up. This ain’t no game. Islam is the instrument of God’s judgment on a world that continues to shake its fist at Him in defiance. You need to get right with Jesus and do not delay.


This is what it looks like when God judges nations.

4 responses to “The New Holocaust Is Rapidly Spreading Across Europe”

  1. this is both scary and exciting.. very very very difficult times are upon us and that i believe may be an understatement. Jesus told us that unless these days are cut short no flesh would be saved… Maranatha!

  2. I lived in Europe through the seventies and eighties. You didn’t see any hijabs or burkas or mosques for that matter. Noone was talking about or thinking about Islam. I knew I despised it from the time we studied it in the 9th grade.I wondered why they (Muslims ) were always fighting w/ other people. Now, I know why.I think some of the “refugees” going to Europe and the US are “ringers” – they just want to establish Sharia faster that way. Jesus taught us that we would know the tree by its fruit. He also taught us to love our enemies and it’s good to pray for Muslims; they are Satan’s pawns – but they also have freewill. But, I don’ t believe we should let evil trample us into the ground. The people who go along with Islam are just as bad – maybe worse – than this evil, sick “religion”s followers.

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