ISIS (Islam) Crossing America’s Open Southern Border

ISIS in America

I have great respect for Alex Jones. He’s been at it for a long time. Though I don’t agree with everything he reports, most of what he’s been monitoring concerning the UN’s ambitions to govern the world is indeed coming to pass. Unfortunately, his vindication isn’t a sweet victory.

It shouldn’t be hard for us as Christians to understand conspiracy. We know the original conspirator is Satan. We know the heart of man is evil. We know that before a person becomes a type of Christ, he is a type of Antichrist. And when a man has nothing of eternal value to look forward to, the only thing left is for him to conquer the world around him.

I’m glad Alex clarifies here what he means by False Flag but the difference between us is that he believes the West/UN to be the greatest threat to the world and I believe Islam to be the even greater threat.

Even though the West has enabled Islam to begin to revive their Caliphate, the geography in Bible prophecy (prophetic geography) tells us the coming world ruler, the Antichrist, will arise from the Middle East which is occupied by Islam.

Though there’s no doubt the West is heading toward tyranny and the UN really is trying to govern the world so, also, is Islam. The West’s descent into tyranny will only allow this greater evil to thrive. It already is.

Perhaps the West/UN really is using Islam to topple governments. If so, it’s only out of its arrogance that it thinks it will be able to control it.

When two tyrannical forces are opposed to one another and trying to achieve the same goal, the worst will eventually win. Especially one based on an ideology of hate. Especially one based on Satanic spirituality. Especially the one from the geographic location where the Bible says the Antichrist’s power-base will be – the Middle East.

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  1. About P2ALM’s discussion of “two tyrannical power bases”:

    I’ve often felt uncomfortable about Bible prophecy students wandering about in conspiratorial prophetic theories: the European Union, the UN global power lust, the corruption in the USA, return of the giants, space aliens, UFOs, the Illuminati, secrets in the Vatican, the last Pope, implanted data chips, IMF plans, etc.

    While there may be compelling evidence of such mysterious evils gaining powers, to me all these emphases seem noticeably absent in Holy Writ. One has to force into the Biblical text many theories. Having little Biblical support other than the knowledge of a coming world government, one springboards from there with all kinds of ‘logic’ about how the above named theories, and discovered information, will materialize into the antichrist’s rule.

    What about the Middle East, and the nations surrounding Israel, brimming over with the ancient hatred? Why, the Scriptures amply expound upon these conflicts in the Bible’s instruction and warnings about end-time events.

    I’ve been quite troubled how to reconcile two seemingly opposing contemporary sets of data. How do I put into words, “Yes, I know this and that is happening elsewhere in the world, but —-” ? Your P2ALM article (“ISIS – Islam – Crossing America’s Southern Border”) gave me the clarity I was seeking, for my own sorting through of world events, and for discourse with others.

    You said, in one powerful, insightful, summarizing sentence:


    • I’m glad I could provide some clarity, Judith. when i started this web site, it was to chronicle the conflict between what i call the New Western Age (NWA) and Islam for control of the world and how it is paving the way for the emergence of the Islamic Antichrist in a clear way that people can understand. i’m putting the finishing touches on an article i hope will highlight this in a very precise way, but the premise is pretty much this: as i said above, the West’s descent into tyranny will only allow Islam to thrive and take over. and also, this push for universalism and ecumenism in religion – in other words the idea of meshing all religions together to form a one-world religion – will, again, only allow Islam to thrive and take over. once you let the religion that says all others must convert or die into the ecumenical room, you’ve sealed your fate. i heard Michael Youssef talking about this and I agree.

      we are so ingrained in tradition that we’ve become no good in interpreting prophecy. God doesn’t say there will be a one-world religion as in all religions meshed together. God says one religion will attempt to rule the entire world. there’s a huge difference that the Church is unwilling to face.

  2. I’m happily anticipating your next article! Because I’ve been hesitant about too frequently posting to you, I was going to a wait a while to ask you about a certain prophetic passage. But perhaps now is the time, since you’ve mentioned your article. I’ve heard very little about Jeremiah 25:17-38 — and especially verses 17-26. This apocalyptic passage certainly seems in-your-face AGAINST Euro-centrism.

    I used the list you posted of Bible nations, correlated with their present-day nation names, to identify most of the contemporary nations in this passage. I was stunned to see how many of the Mideast players in our news, match up with Jeremiah 25’s list: The prophet was told to warn all these peoples:

    Jerusalem, Judah, Egypt, all the mixed peoples, Uz, Philistines (Ashkelon, Gaza, Ekron, remnant of Ashdod),Edom, Moab, Ammonites, Tyre, Sidon, coastlands across the sea, Dedan, Tema, Buz, Arabia, mixed people in the wilderness, Zimri, Elam, Media, all of the north near and far. Then he explodes with warnings to peoples on the entire planet!

    I would love to read an article identifying, once more, all these contemporary players (and even attempting to identify Uz, Zimri, Buz, and the mixed people), and discussing what Jeremiah is prophesying here, about the end-times. Such discussion might be breaking untapped prophetic ground? (I don’t know to what Uz, Zimri, and Buz refer. I note that Strong’s concordance defines ‘mixed people’ as “ereb – Arabia”.)

    Your nation list identified “Sheshak” as Iraq. Jeremiah’s pile of indicted Mideast nations, etal, concludes with this stunning statement:

    “And after all of them, the king of Sheshak will drink, too.” The Holman Christian Standard Bible translates thus:

    “Finally, the king of Sheshach will drink after them.” (25:26) What import might this sentence carry? Could it even be a reference to the antichrist?

    Jeremiah seems to contain mostly historical events. Understandable — since he lived to see the sacking of Jerusalem by the Babylonians. But, uncharacteristically, Jeremiah 25 pointedly situates these nations in a global, apocalyptic context, declaring God’s exploding judgments on:

    “…all the kingdoms of the world which are on the face of the earth.”

    The end of Jeremiah 25 further enlarges on God’s whirlwind judgments, by phrases like “all the inhabitants of the earth”, and “…the slain of the LORD…from one end of the earth, even unto the other end of the earth.”

    Not sure if Jeremiah 25 would fit into your upcoming article, but it surely is Middle-East-centric in its scope. I would love to hear your take on this stunning chapter, at some future time!

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