According to some people, THIS is life but THIS isn’t

According to some people…

THIS is life:

single-celled organism
Life from non-life.

A single-celled organism formed accidentally from non-life.

It is theorized that human life is the direct result of random, evolutionary processes from a single cell formed by chance over a period of billions of years.

The evidence? There is none.

Life has never come from non-life.

But THIS isn’t:

human at 3-4 weeks
Life from life.

A multi-celled organism formed by the purposeful actions of two human beings.

It is theorized that human life does not begin at conception and is not the direct result of the purposeful actions of two, living, intelligent human beings over a period of three to thirteen minutes.

However, that would seem to contradict an overwhelming amount of empirical (observable) scientific evidence. That’s a problem because empiricism is a worshiped doctrine of evolutionary belief.

The evidence? Every human being who has ever lived.

Life has always come from life.

And no pregnant woman ever gave birth to anything other than a human.

Humans, by and large, have chosen to worship the created rather than the Creator. That includes ourselves and nature. The constant indulgence in worshiping anything other than the Living God creates a twisted logic, a madness of reason and an abandoning of sense in our minds [Romans 1:18-32; 2 Timothy 2:26]. This confusion is part of the driving force behind the elevating of the planet over mankind in the pantheistic-infiltrated practice of environmentalism.

Behind all bad science is bad philosophy and the bad philosophy being displayed here is belief in the non-existence of God from whom all life comes.

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