Honing In on Humanism

At Babel, man, in his proud arrogance, decided to grab his future for himself according to his own rules. Consider this, when man puts his future in his own hands it is called humanism, a term we are familiar with today, which teaches that man is all and man is good.

By default humanism is in opposition to God [Rom 1:25; Jam 4:4-6]. Who, then, does this leave as God? Man. It is a religion based upon the presupposition of the non-existence of the supernatural.

Humanism denies the existence of the One it is seeking to usurp as though He is already dead. What this truly means is that the foundation of Humanism is the very real existence of God! Secular origins science fits into this category, which is why it can never arrive at any kind of truth about origins. Humanism stems from the Genesis 3:5 lie. It is the root of it all and no matter what label Man attaches to his Godless beliefs, it all starts at the same place, back in the Garden.

(excerpt taken from Declaring the End from the Beginning – an examination of the events at Babel and how they relate to Bible Prophecy)

2 responses to “Honing In on Humanism”

  1. Humanism (as per the dictionary):

    “An outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance “to human” rather than divine or supernatural matters. Humanists beliefs stress the potential value and goodness of human beings, emphasize common human needs, and seek solely rational ways of solving human problems.”

    Nowhere in the actual definition of humanism have I ever seen reference made to the praise or worship of man. As much as you would like to use this as a prop for your particular religion, I find it a desperate act to convince others or perhaps yourself of the religious beliefs you subscribe to. This is just my opinion and you certainly don’t have to (and I expect you won’t) agree… but you put it out there and I’m offering my 2 cents, for what it’s worth.

    Humanism is something quite beautiful, sir. I’m proud to be a humanist and I most certainly do not consider human beings as some special species just a little more special than all the others. Many holy books claim that man is favoured by god… which I find rather convenient, since every single holy book ever published was written by man. If anything suggests that man is god, it is to my estimation, religion(s).

    • hey, thanks for stopping by to comment. i appreciate your thoughts. here are some quick thoughts of mine:

      when you say you are proud to be a humanist and that you don’t consider humans to be some special species, i’m saddened. do you really not believe you are better than an animal?

      and from your response i found myself wondering, if you are not more special than an animal, what is there, exactly, to be proud of? to even experience what it is to be proud, something that an animal cannot do, means you are different from an animal.

      God has made us separate from and higher than the animals. if you can reason, you are not an animal. if you really were just an animal, you would not be able to reason to even consider what you are let alone whether you evolved or were created.

      humans can do good things. there’s no doubt that human good exists, but i want to ask you a question. every single person on the planet right now has broken one, if not all, of the 10 commandments. or, in other words, they have transgressed a built-in moral law. how is it, then, that we can be thought of as good and not bad? once you lie, are you not a liar? once you steal, are you not a thief? once you commit adultery, are you not an adulterer? does it disappear after a time? does it go away after so many good deeds are done? when? and how do you know? how do you know when you’ve reached the point that your good outweighs your bad?

      from the ongoing example we have in the world, it would seem declaring it so does not make it so.

      i would also like to say there are many who confuse the reality of man’s corruption as a pessimistic view. rather, the recognition that we are in desperate need of help is quite beautiful. especially when we realize that God has made a way to help us, by His Son, Jesus. God loves us so much, that even before we loved Him, he decided to rescue us from our sin. Love does not wait to be loved.

      i would also say you’re very right. religions do make men gods because religions are spiritual substitutions for the real thing – a relationship Him – that could only be accomplished by the work of Jesus Christ on the Cross. all man-made religions are works-based. They are based upon performance. they teach one thing in common: you can work or earn your way to God by your words and actions – good deeds.

      God says we can never do that which is why He came to save us. it’s why we need to look to Jesus. that’s love, mercy and grace.

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