Philip Haney, Founding Member of the DHS, on the Infiltration of the U.S. Government by the Muslim Brotherhood

Phil Haney (bio) is a counter-terrorism specialist and founding member of the Department of Homeland Security who is credited with catching over 300 Islamic jihadists. Here, he exposes the infiltration of the U.S. Government by the Muslim Brotherhood resulting in botched terrorism investigations leading to civilian deaths.

This is a 28 minute tour-de-force of naked truth with, perhaps, one of the most sobering truths being the reality that auto-blaming ISIS for every act of jihad in America is unfounded because there are more than just one Islamic jihadist networks active in the United States. Now, ask yourself why ISIS is blamed, only, and we never hear about the others. It’s an entirely loaded inquiry.

DHS Whistleblower Exposes Obama Administration During Press Conference

“The notion that everything originates from ISIS is a false notion… There are more than one networks operating at the same time in the United States.”

“…this is a network of organizations. There’s no such thing as a random act of violence any more than there is a random ant of violence because ants live in colonies, and if you take an ant away from its fellow ants and put him in a little jar, he’ll die within hours. As soon as you separate the ant from the colony, he just turns into a raisin and dies. He has to be within the environment. Same with the Islamic world.”

The real nature of the threat is Sharia in America. Jihad is just a tactic. Sharia is the strategy, the end-game.

More: Sandy Rios interviews Phil Haney [47:08] – American Family Radio

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