Alexis Tsipras: The Latest European Candidate for Antichrist Resigns

Alexis Tsipras

Here’s a good example of newspaper exegesis. The latest European candidate for the ‪Antichrist‬ is resigning in failure.

Alexis Tsipras Resigning

I don’t remember reading anywhere in Scripture that the Antichrist will resign his position. Come to think of it, I don’t remember reading anywhere in Scripture that the Antichrist will come from Europe to begin with.

This is what happens when people don’t pay attention to prophetic geography and don’t read all of the words of the verses they’re reading, if they’re reading at all. They end up looking in the wrong areas of the world for something that will never happen. The result is that people become led astray and disillusioned with Bible prophecy altogether. The Church really does suffer from the Christian who cried “Antichrist!” at the very time it needs to be paying attention the most.

If the prophecy teacher/site you follow featured Alexis Tsipras at any point as possibly being the Antichrist, you need to stop following that source. And, I would be willing to bet those that taught this will ignore his resignation altogether and quietly delete their articles about him.

Prophetic geography is your friend, so be friends with it

Acknowledging prophetic geography is absolutely essential in having a right understanding of Bible prophecy and a right view of the time we are in. The Bible is a Middle Eastern book written by Middle Eastern people and all of the prophetic action takes place in the Middle East.

All of the nations Christ judges upon His return are listed by name in the Old Testament prophets and they are all located in the Middle East, not Europe or anywhere else. This is something everyone can look up in their Bibles and I encourage you to do so. It’s a great study!

Right now, we are watching the culmination of the original enmity between Isaac and Ishmael (Sarah and Hagar) from way back in Genesis 16. Just as Christ came through the line of Isaac, the Antichrist will come through the line of Ishmael from whose line Islam came. It’s an ancient, family feud that’s only going to become increasingly violent until it is resolved at Christ’s return.

So, does it make sense to you that all of sudden, after thousands of years of hatred and war between these two family lines, that a white guy from Europe (or a black guy from Kenya, er, I mean America) would rise up as the Antichrist in an area way outside the boundaries of, not just prophetic geography, but Bible geography in general? There’s something a little off about the European/Western Antichrist theory. Wouldn’t you agree?

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3 responses to “Alexis Tsipras: The Latest European Candidate for Antichrist Resigns”

  1. The area of Greece his family’s from was part of Turkey until, I believe, 1923, so.. I’m not so sure he’s disqualified by ethnicity.

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