Insights Into the Iran Deal // Fortress of Faith

Fortress of Faith

Fortress of FaithJoin Tom Wallace and Shahram Hadian on Fortress of Faith as they discuss:

  • The recent nuclear “deal” with Iran
  • The destructive Shiite eschatology that drives Iran
  • Iran’s trustworthiness — Islam gives Muslims a mandate to “break the treaty at any time by simply saying they no longer keep it, or by secretly ignoring it while the other side thinks it is still in effect.”
  • Troubling connections between certain individuals in the U.S. Government and the Iranian Government
  • John Kerry’s foolish statement

See show notes.

Tom Wallace is one of the foremost experts on Islam, it’s intentions toward the West and witnessing to Muslims about Christ. He is a missionary to Muslims and host of the excellent radio show Fortress of Faith with Shahram Hadian (Truth In Love Project), a former Muslim who is now a Christian. It can be heard on AFR Talk Saturdays at 12PM Central, 1PM Eastern. You can also download past episodes directly from the web site. In my opinion, it’s one of the best kept secrets on radio that every Pastor and every Christian needs to be listening to.

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