Unveiling Islam in Bible Prophecy // Tom Wallace

Fortress of Faith
“If we don’t bring this to the Lord, they will destroy us with the sword.”

Tom Wallace is one of the foremost experts on Islam, its intentions toward the world and witnessing to Muslims about Christ. He is a missionary to Muslims and host of the excellent radio show “Fortress of Faith” with Shahram Hadian (Truth In Love Project), a former Muslim who is now a Christian. It can be heard on AFR Talk Saturdays at 12PM Central, 1PM Eastern. You can also download past episodes directly from the web site. In my opinion, it’s one of the best kept secrets on radio that every Pastor and every Christian needs to be listening to. It’s teaching that the Church sorely needs to hear.

Listen as Tom unveils Islam in Bible prophecy.

Unveiling Islam in Bible Prophecy Part 1

Some of the topics covered:

  • Are there moderate Muslims?
  • The current Islamic Reformation
  • What does “Kufar” (Kafir) mean?
  • What is the Shahid?
  • Why President Obama says “ISIL” and not “ISIS”
  • The legal, Islamic definition of Jihad?
  • The decline of the Western population vs. the incline of the Muslim population
  • Sharia courts being established in the UK
  • The real goal of CAIR in America (Council of American Islamic Relations)
  • Islamic infiltration of the U.S. government
  • Fortress of Faith as a resource for Muslim evangelism

(Part 2 was omitted because much of it was a recap of Part 1)

Unveiling Islam in Bible Prophecy Part 3

I started it a 22:04 to bypass some of the Sunday morning service…

Some of the topics covered:

  • Muslim Demographics in Britain and America
  • Islamic eschatology is the exact opposite of Christian eschatology
  • The curious absence of America in Bible prophecy
  • The Antichrist and his system
  • Islam as the Great Whore of Revelation 17
  • What does the Johnson Amendment (501c3) really prohibit?
  • The answer for us is revival

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