The Caliphate and the Next Holocaust

The Caliphate and the Next Holocaust

Armageddon NewsThis is an excellent video teaching by my friends at Armageddon News.

Understanding prophetic geography (geography in Bible prophecy) is absolutely essential if you want have a correct view of end-time Bible prophecy. It points us to the correct area of the world we should be watching for the rise of the Antichrist and, in my opinion, even answers the pre/post-tribulation rapture controversy as there is a tribulation, in a sense, that has already started to take place right now in the Middle East at the hands of the religion of the coming Antichrist and the persecution is only going to continue to increase.

In my opinion, the only difference between the tribulation that is taking place now and the seven-year period the Bible calls the Tribulation is that it will be even worse because the Antichrist will be on the earth and in charge and directing it.

So, the question for you to consider is: If the religion of the coming Antichrist is persecuting God’s Church right now with ever-increasing intensity, why would we expect this same Church to be exempt from tribulation in the future? Are these Christian brothers and sisters merely unfortunate?

The Caliphate and the Next Holocaust

For World Peace Israel Must Be Destroyed

5 responses to “The Caliphate and the Next Holocaust”

  1. The video “The Caliphate and the Next Holocaust” is a shaking, shattering wake-up call: We are in the times of The Coming. I am praying about sending this out to many others, after having watched it twice already. There is little of speculation, and much of Scripture. This is the most thorough, compelling compilation of God’s Word about Jerusalem in the end times.

    If I do decide to send it out, it will be with the caveat that we must all be committed to love and mercy to those deceived by hatred toward the One True God, His Redeemer, and His plans for governance of the whole world, from “the city of the Great King.”

    “Even so, come, LORD Yeshua.”

  2. This was simply excellent. Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention. The folks I’ve shared it with thank you, too! 🙂

  3. Maranatha!!!! lets have our lamps full of oil and lets wear our dress for the weeding!! HE is calling us, and could be today!

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