Ahmadinejad Gives 34 Minute Speech Before UN Assembly Calling for the Arrival of the Antichrist

On September 26, 2012, the former President of the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, gave a 34 minute speech calling for the arrival of the biblical Antichrist, known in Islamic end-time prophecy as the Mahdi, to bring an age of peace to humanity. The portions of his speech directly mentioning the Mahdi can be heard in this 10 minute clip. Please know that when the translator says “God” he is really referring to the Islamic Allah who is a different being.

Here is one of many references he made to the Mahdi, the biblical Antichrist:

“God (as in the Islamic Allah) Almighty has promised us a man of kindness, a man who loves people and loves absolute justice, a man who is a perfect human being and is named Imam Al-Mahdi, a man who will come in the company of Jesus Christ (as in Isa the Islamic Jesus who is the biblical False Prophet) and the righteous. By using the inherent potential of all the worthy men and women of all nations and I repeat, ‘the inherent potential of all the worthy men and women of all nations’, he will lead humanity into achieving its glorious and eternal ideals.”

You know, this is God using Ahmadinejad to warn the nations of the world in a 34 minute speech about the judgment that is coming upon them if they don’t repent and turn to Him. You can listen to the whole speech here.

Ahmadinejad Sept 26 2012 UN Speech Antichrist

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