Iranium: The Islamic Republic’s Race to Obtain Nuclear Weapons (Full Film)

Iranium: The Islamic Republic's Race to Obtain Nuclear Weapons

Iranium: The Islamic Republic's Race to Obtain Nuclear WeaponsAll Islam awaits the arrival of their savior, the Mahdi or 12th Imam. His description in Islamic end-time prophecy matches the biblical description of the Antichrist even down to the number of years he is supposed to rule – seven.

The brand of Islam taught in Iran (Shia) says the Mahdi’s arrival can be hastened by causing as much devastation and destruction as possible. This is why Iran wants the most devastating weapons known to mankind – nuclear weapons. Knowing this, do you really think Iran is going to honor any kind of nuclear agreement and not pursue nuclear weapons?

This film by Clarion Project addresses the very serious threat Iran poses to the rest of the world due to its apocalyptic views. You can view the politicians, Iranian dissidents and experts interviewed here. Discussion about the Mahdi begins at 41:37.

A word for non-Christians: Consider, if you’re not a Christian and you’re reading this, it doesn’t matter whether you believe any of this because they do. It doesn’t matter whether you believe this is all crazy, unenlightened drivel from a superstitious past because they don’t. And all it’s going to take is for the right man to step up and claim to be the Mahdi. Then, we will see how many moderates there really are in the world.

Iranium: The Islamic Republic’s Race to Obtain Nuclear Weapons

Children Chanting Death to AmericaA Nuclear Iran

3 responses to “Iranium: The Islamic Republic’s Race to Obtain Nuclear Weapons (Full Film)”

  1. Ok , this is good bible says test all things to see if they are from God .. I like this discussion and have opened up my thinking … maybe you can help more … I had a debate with this Roman catholic , in there belief they don’t except that ,they don’t believe the beast and false prophet are literal but on the other hand they believe the 2 prophets of revelation 11 are literal men and claim one is the last pope the other he could not give me the identity of. At the time I told him they were being set up to except anti Christ and the false prophet (the pope) as the 2 prophets of rev. 11 . My question then could the antichrist be Islamic and the false prophet be the pope?

    • well, i can’t really help if someone doesn’t want to believe there will actually be a Beast/Antichrist of False Prophet. But, i would say i don’t believe the Roman Catholic Pope has anything to do with Bible prophecy and here’s why: Islam has end-time prophecy too. not many people are aware of this but the Church is starting to wake up. Islamic end-time prophecy has the same 4 characters that Christian end-time prophecy has but they are exactly the opposite. good is bad. bad is good. here’s what i mean… Islam is awaiting their prophesied savior, the Mahdi or the 12th Imam. the description of the Mahdi in Islamic texts matches the description of the Antichrist in biblical texts write down to the huber of years he will rule – 7. the Islamic Mahdi is the biblical Antichrist. the Islamic Jesus, Isa, is the biblical False Prophet. the Islamic Anti-Mahdi, the Dajjal, is our biblical, returning Jesus Christ. That would make Allah Satan. here’s a comparison of these prophetic figures: Do Christians and Muslims Both Worship God? Is Yahweh and Allah the Same Being? there’s no room here for a Pope.

      the only role i see the Pope playing is as he, and other world leaders, push for ecumenism this is only going to allow Islam to thrive and take over. once you let the religion that says all others must be enslaved or put to death into the ecumenical room, everyone else is in big trouble. we’re already seeing it.

      what i would do with your friend, as i would do with anyone, is to get them to look at the geography in Bible prophecy. it’s an excellent starting place. i like to call it prophetic geography. you might want to ask him this question: Can you find any nation listed that Christ physically judges upon His return that is not located in the Middle East? And here’s why: All of the nations Christ physically judges upon His return are all listed by name in the OT prophets and they are all located in the Middle East not Europe or anywhere else. And what is the religion that occupies the Middle East?

      You can even have him do a search in some Bible software for the word ‘pit’ in the Bible and see which nations Christ throws into it. none of them are European. once you get grounded in the geography in Bible prophecy, everything else starts to fall into place. i’m glad your eyes are being opened, brother. i hope this helps.

      check this out, too. understanding why there is ongoing violence in the Middle East to begin with is the foundation for understanding biblical prophecy… Isaac and Ishmael: The Origin of Middle East Conflict and the Foundation for Understanding Eschatology

      • As I suspected, the end of this world will be in Jesus x Jesus fight.

        But it should be highlighted: no European nation is on the prophecy because Europe has no prophets and no relevance in end of times. European main religion is a middle eastern religion, all names and symbols float around Jerusalem and neighbors.

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