Listen to a Border Patrol Veteran Explain Asymmetric Warfare and How the CDC Is “Disappearing” People

Zack Taylor on the Border

Is a nation without a border really a nation?

Zach Taylor is a 26-year veteran of the Border Patrol and Chairman of the National Association of Former Border Patrol Officers. He explains how a type of warfare known as Asymmetric Warfare is being conducted at the southern border against the people of the United States with the assistance of the United States Government. He explains some really baffling orders being given to border control agents by the U.S. Government that is enabling this type of warfare to be conducted. He also explains how the CDC is “disappearing” people with strange diseases.

You should know.

Security on the border between USA and Mexico

There really are nefarious people in the world and some of them are in charge of our nation. I am disgusted at the thought of children dying because of willful negligence on the part of our elected officials and my heart breaks for my fellow citizens. Pray for our nation. America is at the edge of a high, dark cliff and if we continue on like this there is a time coming in the very near future when there will be much suffering for many people.

Zach Taylor addressing concerned citizens about the border situation in Tucson, AZ 7/22/2014

Part 1

Part 2

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