Some Highly Encouraging Take-A-Ways from Yesterday’s Mid-Term Election!

2014 Mid-Term Elections

2014 Mid-Term ElectionsI’ve never posted directly on election results before, but these things are absolutely worth mentioning. I think it’s entirely important that people understand what happened yesterday. Here are some very encouraging take-a-ways from yesterday’s mid-term elections. This is what the People really voted on:

ONE: Sanctity of Life/Abortion – Candidates who value life won nationwide and took control of the Pro-Death Senate!

TWO: Obamacare – 100% of the newly elected Republican Senators ran on repealing Obamacare!

THREE: Gun Control – Candidates in favor of preserving the 2nd Amendment won against those who would take away this right!

Love. It.

Despite what you’re going to hear, this is what happened: The People are giving the Republican Party a chance – their LAST chance anyway you look at it – to stop an out-of-control President & friends from continuing to fundamentally transform our nation in ways contrary to our founding documents that we soon won’t be able to recover from.

The 75% that think our nation is headed in the wrong direction in this poll taken this past August includes both Republicans and Democrats as well as others like myself. Be encouraged! The People simply don’t like it anymore and this includes a majority of your neighbors!

The Republicans have been given an historic mandate. We’ll see what they do with it.

These additional articles will also give you an idea of just how historic this is. It’s not just Obama people are tired of. It’s Liberalism, too.

What’s on your mind?

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