A Rational Study of Radical Islam and a 1400 Year Secret by Dr. Bill Warner

There’s a great deal of history that we were simply never taught which involves Islam and it’s influence on the world. We even know of these historical events but have no idea that they were a result of Islamic expansion in the world while on a quest to establish a worldwide Caliphate. After coming to terms with the Scriptural and historical truth of a revived Islamic Caliphate and a coming Islamic Antichrist, it should be no surprise to Christians that Satan has done his best to hide this history and scrub the books from any mention of Islam.

A Rational Study of Radical Islam

Why We Are Afraid, a 1400 Year Secret

Dr. Warner’s web site: PoliticalIslam.com

Here’s an excellent and indispensable radio show teaching the Christian perspective of Islam: FortressofFaith.org

Dr. Bill Warner - A Rational Study of Radical Islam

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  1. I remember when I told you about him. This guy changed my view of things about Islam so much when I first saw these videos. It’s really telling about how much of this is left out of the history books.

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