Beyonce admits to being possessed. President Obama says she’s perfect “role model” for his daughters.

Here’s Beyonce admitting that she becomes possessed by an entity she calls Sasha Fierce when she performs:

And here’s President Obama during a recent fundraising event saying she’s the perfect role model for his daughters:

My personal assessment: President Obama says a great deal many things he doesn’t actually believe. It’s called lying and it’s my feeling he doesn’t actually believe this. Rather, he doesn’t much care about what he says because he’s only in the Oval Office for one reason and he’s accomplishing his goal. There’s an end-game in sight and it’s fast approaching. He believes he’s going to succeed so why should he care what he says? He has only to appease the masses until he completes his objective. This is why he appeared so aloof and annoyed during his Presidential debate with Mitt Romney as though it was a waste of time. It was.

Nonetheless, he said it and I guess that’s about par for the course considering his mentor, Saul Alinsky, dedicated his book “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer, the book that President Obama is using word for word to bring down America.

Pray for this man.

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