Why the Political Left and Radical Islam Are NOT Strange Bedfellows

John Kerry and Mohammed Morsi

The political left and radical Islam. The former is secular and libertine; the latter is religious and legalistic. So why do two groups with such different worldviews support each other’s causes?

Could it be that the political left and radical Islam have a uniting cause greater than their differences?

David Wheaton of The Christian Worldview interviews Mark Durie, an Australian pastor, theologian, author and expert on Islam who gives a very informative analysis and explanation for everyone who continues to wonder why our world leaders are so receptive to Islam.

Listen >> Why the Political Left and Radical Islam Are NOT Strange Bedfellows

“Another important reason for the Left’s support of Islam is that it has a dismissive attitude to religion itself. The Leftist view is that Islamic religious beliefs are but a symptom of suffering and when material conditions improve the religious beliefs will somehow go away. It follows from this view that the best way to moderate the Muslim Brotherhood was to put them in power so that they would no longer be oppressed and then they will become less religious. In a sense, what Islam teaches is irrelevant to this worldview since theology is not the cause for anything at all.”

h/t The Christian Worldview

John Kerry and Mohammed Morsi

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