Is Jesus a prophet or the Son of God?

Ancient Paths

Who did Jesus say He was?

  This answer may be obvious to some of us, but the fast growing Islamic faith is converting many Christians with deceiving words. Muslims believe, according to the Quran, that Jesus was the son of Mary and a great prophet, but the Quran specifically says He was not God’s son and that he was never crucified. In fact, the Quran quotes Jesus as saying, he wouldn’t think of such a thing. So you have to wonder………If the Islamic faith believes that Jesus is only a prophet, born of Mary, then what things did Jesus say that made Him a prophet in their eyes? Let’s go over the Scripture to prove the Quran to be false, for we are told from the words spoken from Jesus:

  1.  Jesus is the Son of God  ( the Quran said that Allah has no son)
  2. Jesus has been given all authority over heaven and…

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