Dinosaurs: One of the Most Powerful Arguments Against Evolution

Dragons or Dinosaurs?

DracorexStories of dragons abound from cultures around the world all through the ages to today.

Dragons have always existed. It’s just that, recently, their name has been changed to “dinosaur” and we have been taught that their existence is far removed from man.

Darek Isaacs challenges everything we think we know about dinosaurs and, in doing so, proves yet again that God’s Word is the authority on the history of our world and mankind.

Dragons or Dinosaurs?

Part 1

Part 2

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3 responses to “Dinosaurs: One of the Most Powerful Arguments Against Evolution”

  1. Wow great video and a slap in the face to evolutionist. Thanks for the follow. I have done the same. God bless you and may he use your blog ever more to further his purpose

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