The Eternal Security of the Believer In Christ [Intro with Testimony]

Leaving the Tomb - He Qi - 2001Eternal security, is it biblical? Once you are saved are you always saved? The answer is YES and I submit to you that this is a vital part of the main storyline of the Bible, which is a giant love story. It is repeated over and over again all throughout Scripture: God always sees His people through [Joshua 21:45, Philippians 1:6]. There are many clear passages in Scripture that assure us as believers we can never lose our salvation in Christ, but I want to open this series with a personal testimony to show why God has given me a heart for those individuals who may be doubting the eternal security of their salvation.

There was a time when, after walking away from the Lord, I began doubting my salvation and had actually thought I lost it because of my deliberate disobedience of so many years. I was haunted by a few ambiguous passages in the Book of Hebrews and, in addition to my regretful sorrow, I remember thinking to myself,

“What kind of God loses people?”

“What kind of God takes away a gift He has freely given?”

And I began despising Him. I began thinking of Him as a cruel and malicious being, a liar, because it seemed to contradict His very character. I remember walking by my Bible as it was lying out and hating it. It felt like there was a great fracture inside of me and now I know it was because I was believing something about God that wasn’t true.

Doubting salvation renders a Christian ineffective in their service to God. The result of thinking these things pushed me into a works-based mentality. I began doing things in an attempt to get back on God’s good side but they were empty things and my heart wasn’t in them. I felt like a hamster on a wheel. I was spending all of my time worried about whether I had lost my salvation, wondering what I could do to get it back and it rendered me ineffective, impotent, lame as a Christian. It became a selfish endeavor and I was effectively taken out of the game. That is when the Lord opened my eyes and I finally recognized the deception and who it was that was deceiving me [2 Corinthians 11:3]. The Lord left the ninety-nine and came for the one and I am where I am today because of Him [Matthew 18:12-14]! Praise God! He demonstrated a Biblical truth to me through experience. That is how I know that…


Whether you are wrestling with this issue or not, you may know someone who is. Join us as we look to Scripture to see what God has to say about the eternal security of the believer in Christ.

Follow this link as we start in Romans 8.

*Leaving the Tomb by He Qi

2 responses to “The Eternal Security of the Believer In Christ [Intro with Testimony]”

  1. 1Pe 1:5 Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.

    If you do a word study on the word “kept” in the above verse, you will find it means to garrison, keep with a guard, protect or to hem in, so one cannot escape. The same Greek word is used in 2Co 11:32 and Ga 3:23. From past experience faith has protected me, encouraged me and kept/prevented me from walking away from so great a salvation. God be thanked

    I have lived with a spinal cord injury with moderate to severe chronic pain for over 30 years. If you have the time, read the rest of this testimony at
    The web site is centered around the role suffering plays in being conformed to the image of Christ. Since it is a WordPress site with a blog format, I posted the articles in reverse order to present a series of articles that build on the one before. Best to start at

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