Did you know we now have a national police force? Don’t know when that happened? Neither does anyone else.

Did you know that President Obama made a national police force out of the Department of Homeland Security?

They can be seen here diligently watching the crowd at multiple Tea Party IRS protests around the country. You know, the Tea Party… that patriotic group that believes in the Constitution of the United States that was protesting against the abusive and unconstitutional actions of the IRS against it’s own citizens.

DHS Agents Seemingly Monitored Multiple Tea Party IRS Protests

(more here)

(I don’t necessarily advocate the Twitter promotion at the end of the video)

Do you think that’s why the DHS has been purchasing billions of rounds of ammo and military-style assault vehicles? Rhetorical.

Here’s our President calling for a civilian national security force during his first campaign:

Hitler had one too. It was called the SS.

h/t The Blaze


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