USDA being instructed that the Pilgrims were illegal aliens as part of their “diversity training”

This guy is a “diversity instructor” and he’s instructing USDA employees on the, ahem, “proper thinking about diversity and minorities” or, as he calls them, “emerging majorities.” This, of course, presumes that we have not been thinking properly about diversity or minorities… ever… in our entire existence as a country (obviously, silly!) hence the need for a “diversity instructor.”

He’s actually teaching USDA employees that the Pilgrims were illegal aliens. Nevermind, there was no law about people entering the United States illegally during the time of the Pilgrims because… there was no United States (no united anything) and no such things as passports!

Here is the incredible statement he made during his presentation:

Here’s the original article about it filled with more incredible things. It’s worth the read.

I used to get a bit frustrated when I came across things like these because, well, I love my country. But, the truth is, my country is part of the world and my home is elsewhere. I don’t want any part of the world, so, these people ruining it can have it. And therein lies the tension of knowing what must take place but also wanting to stop it because I live here. The compassion I feel for them also plays a part in all this because this kind of twisted, self-enslaving thinking we are being increasingly exposed to is, in my opinion, the result of sin-saturated minds trying to design Heaven for themselves. It’s just plain sad on every level.
h/t The Daily Caller

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