The Amazing Phenomenon of Post-9/11 Islamic Growth in America

I’m always amazed (and sometimes shocked) when I discover stories like the following.

In Fort Collins, Colorado, school students recited the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic. Now, to be fair, they’ve also recited it in other languages such as French and Spanish, but I’m suggesting that pre-9/11, Arabic wouldn’t have been considered a language to use… and that’s the point.

Do you remember? On 9/11/2001, people enslaved to the religion of Islam, who speak Arabic, attacked our country out of hate by crashing planes into New York City’s World Trade Center killing thousands of people?

Fast forward 12 years later…

Islam is growing faster than it ever has in America (and England), people are reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in Arabic and school kids are being indoctrinated into Islamic beliefs.

We have been hearing more about Islam from our news media over the past 10 years than we should ever want to know. I say “hearing” rather than “learning” because, for this same seemingly inexplicable reason, our media seems to be promoting its growth by helping to insist it is a peaceful religion and we have nothing to worry about.

Think about this one amazing fact for a moment: We are actually having a discussion about whether it is okay to build an Islamic mosque at Ground Zero in New York City when we have 1,443 years of history to show us it’s common practice for Islam to build mosques at places they’ve attacked as a proclamation of victory! What? You didn’t know that? I rest my case about our media. Research it. This is the equivalent of Japan building a military base at Pearl Harbor in 1941.

Did you notice in the Fort Collins video starting at 1:10 when the reporter was talking about parent feedback he used the word “threats” and then it switched to a sign about bullying for a few seconds? The reporter was also sure to include the principal saying the word “hate”. I don’t doubt some people were upset in this way, but what a piece of propaganda! We all know it’s usually the informed people who recognize Islam for what it is that are labelled haters.

My question for you is: What’s your explanation for this incredible, anti-sense, anti-logic, Islamic phenomenon our country and the entire world is experiencing?

Do you have one?

Have you even thought about it?

Now, check this out. This is just spiritually creepy.

These students are being directly confronted by the demonic spirituality of Islam. Now consider, these students would never have been allowed to participate in a Christian service in this way.

Are you starting to see it?

Above, I asked you what your explanation for this amazing, world-wide phenomenon of incredible, non-critical thinking is because I have one. It’s spiritual. I found it within the pages of Bible prophecy like many others before me and you can, too. It’s time we start understanding what we’re dealing with so we can be spiritually prepared to lead.

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