The Eternal Perspective of the Assassination of Ambassador John Christopher Stevens

On the very day Americans are remembering one of the most terrible events in history, Islam has given us something else to remember.

Those who were assassinated in Libya include: John Christopher Stevens, US Ambassador to Libya, Sean Smith, a Foreign Service information management officer, and two other U.S. personnel, names not released.

Here’s a screenshot of a famous news web site from yesterday. Click on the image to zoom and read the horrific headlines so you can understand the true intentions of Islam toward the West.

9/11 Embassy Attacks

Also, in Cairo, several men climbed the US Embassy walls and tore down the American flag. In its place was hung a black Islamic flag which reads “There is no God but Allah and Mohammed is his messenger” in white letters. The flag was affixed to a ladder.


Libya: US Ambassador Murdered (((AUDIO))) – Join Jay Sekulow and the American Center for Law and Justice as he calls on our Government to stop sending over 2 billion dollars of our tax money to fund terrorism in Libya and Egypt.

SIGN THE PETITION or call 1-877-989-2255.

If you’ve never listened to Jay Sekulow Live!, you should. The American Center for Law and Justice is what the ACLU pretends to be but isn’t.

The 10 Most Important Stories of the Embassy Attacks…


Do you still have doubt about the intentions of Islam? Are you still believing it is a religion of peace? Do you still think it poses no real threat here in our own country? Do you really believe the so-called Arab Spring will bring democracy to the Middle East?

Wake up!

The importance of what’s happening is so far beyond the secular analysis we are exposed to. Even most Christian talk radio misses the significance of these events.

What’s happening in the Middle East was prophesied thousands of years ago all throughout the Old Testament.

We are awaiting a final, revived kingdom which the Antichrist will eventually step up to rule [Daniel 7:8, 24]. That kingdom is being formed right now in the Middle East.

Daniel names the Antichrist as the King of the North in chapter 11.

This North Kingdom was the ancient Seleucid (or Syrian) Empire.

Seleucid and Ptolemic Empire 200 BC

God is shaking up the Middle East right now and it is being reformed.

The next event on the prophetic timeline is the eventual union of the 10-nation kingdom which the Antichrist will eventually step up to rule. He will then make a peace treaty between Israel and the surrounding Islamic nations seeking her destruction. This is what we are to be watching for.

Shortly after, Christ will return as the Omnipotent Battlelord to end totalitarianism and usher in an age of peace.

He is humanity’s only salvation! Do you know Him?

2 responses to “The Eternal Perspective of the Assassination of Ambassador John Christopher Stevens”

  1. When Obama took office, his whole focus for the first year, was outside the US, in his worlwide bow and apologize tour. He is a globalist, if not a Communist or closet Muslim. The little “hot mic” incident with Putin, wherein he promised more flexibility after the election? Hmm. Russia is the only nation that has any sort of leverage with Iran because they supply so much in the way of weapons and materials for Iran’s terrorism exploits. Putin hates America. He wants the Middle East. Obama hates America and wants the unification of the US, Canada and Mexico, and maybe a position in the global government. You do the math. How is Obama so unconcerned about Iran? Could it be because of some private deal between Putin and Obama? Wherein if Putin keeps a lid on Iran, Obama promises to deliver Israel? (Which won’t happen, of course). I’d say that relationship will be key, seeing as Putin is probably Gog. When Syria “blows” in the Isaiah 17 scenario, Hamas and Hezbollah will be rendered impotent. Israel will think they are dwelling in safety only if somebody either destroys Iran’s capabiity or sets it back a significant number of years. With the Global Caliphate well under way, the Radical Muslims are like demon hordes with the smell of blood in their nostrils. They are bloodthirsty and high on recent conquests of the Arab Spring, and since Morsi hates the US, he is already cozying up to Iran. The world has no idea what is about to hit them, you are right about that. With most of America armed to the teeth, the “monkey business” that is no doubt going to take place on Nov. 6 will likely result in civil unrest/disobedience and violence, BY DESIGN. It is only the staying hand of God that has held the status quo this long.

    • excellent comment. i do believe he is a Muslim. his actions reflect that. and it should be no surprise that we have a Muslim for President interested in advancing Islam considering it seems that God’s judgment is on our nation (our government) for turning our back on Him. the problem with being 100% certain is that Muslims practice things like Taqqiya, which allows them to lie about it in order to advance it.

      deep inside i do believe Obama will be president again somehow (or maybe i should cautiously say i wouldn’t be surprised if he is). it’s starting already. there’s no way that the poll numbers are that close. he has accomplished so much over the past four years, i can’t believe he and his people would leave it up to a chance election. there’s no way. i secretly believe something will happen. it’s still hard for me to accept this because even i still have a little denial lurking (most people have much) that these things could actually be happening and our country is coming to an end.

      now regarding Gog. i would encourage you to consider that Magog is in Turkey, not Russia. have a look at the links below. it is historically accurate and, also, some reasoning would be: Daniel calls the Antichrist the king of the north in chapter 11. if this north kingdom in Daniel 11 is the ancient Seleucid Empire (it is), then the “remotest parts of the north” are simply the northern most parts of Turkey, not Russia, as Turkey was the northernmost country included in this kingdom.

      Gog of Magog Part 1: Russia or Turkey? [Ezekiel 38 & 39]
      Gog of Magog Part 2: Russia or Turkey? [Ezekiel 38 & 39]

      now, having said that, that doesn’t necessarily mean Russia won’t be involved in an invasion of the Middle East. it just means that the Bible doesn’t prophesy about it. Gog is an Assyrian [Micah 5] that will come from Turkey.

      i’m very glad that you recognize both sides – that there are 2 forces. most people get stuck on the NWO (the West which i call the New Western Age on this site) and never make it past this point… they never see the whole picture because of errant Bible interpretation about a revived Roman Empire. just another of Satan’s tricks to keep us looking in the wrong direction.

      How “Replacement Theology” Applied To Israel’s Enemies Obscures the True Identity of the Beast

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