P2ALM: The science behind man-made climate change is not unanimous. Another well-decorated scientist speaks out out of his moral convictions.

Watts Up With That?

Readers may recall this story: Nobel laureate resigns from American Physical Society to protest the organization’s stance on global warming.

He’s back.

From the Observations, Scientific American Blog Network

Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting: From the Big Bang to the Big Controversy (aka Climate Change)

Ivar Giaever, who shared the 1973 prize for work on tunneling in superconductors but was to offer a skeptical take on climate change, Molina said that critics aren’t usually the experts. Listening to them, he added, is like going to your dentist when you have a heart problem.

As he took the stage for his turn, Giaever’s immediate remark was, “I am happy I’m allowed to speak for myself.” He derided the Nobel committees for awarding Al Gore and R.K. Pachauri a peace prize, and called agreement with the evidence of climate change a “religion.”

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