*Big Shake* Wake up people! Tactics of Islamization Explained [VIDEO]

If you have never heard of the idea of an Islamic Antichrist, you are invited and encouraged to review the information and resources included on this web site. People who study Bible Prophecy are slowly but surely waking up to this truth. We truly live in a time when Daniel’s prophecy in 12:4 is coming true right before our eyes.

And, if you are new to this site, especially, I think it’s important for you to know that I do not hate Muslims but I do recognize the threat of Islam and its incompatibility with freedom. “Muslim” is only the name given to a person who is under the influence of Islam. God desires all men to be saved and if He would be gracious enough to allow us to turn the tide here in our own countries, it will be through witnessing to Muslims about Jesus Christ. Our battle is not with flesh and blood but with the spiritual forces of wickedness.

It has never been my desire to be accusatory in demeanor toward individual Muslims of doing any certain things, but only to show those of you who are still in the dark that Islam and Sharia law are the greatest threats we are facing in our countries today. I filter what I pass on to you accordingly.

And, as you can know after perusing this web site, the severity of the concern is spiritually amplified when we realize that what we are really facing is the formation and expansion of the Antichrist’s future kingdom. So, I would encourage all of you reading this to cast a thorough glance at Jesus Christ. He desires to know you and He is the only way any of us will escape any of the things that are coming.

If you are currently in disbelief regarding these things, here is a good place for you to start. It is a real eye opener: Middle Eastern gentiles excited about the coming of the Biblical Antichrist

For Muslims and non-Muslims alike

If you have questions about Islam, the Quran and how to witness to Muslims, please visit the following links:

Answering Islam – A Christian-Muslim dialogue and apologetic

Arabic Bible Outreach Ministry

Islam: The Way, the Truth, and the Light? – Islamic Studies from a Christian Perspective

The Straight Way of Grace – Equipping Christians Reaching Muslims

Radical Truth

TheQuran.com – Former Muslims and Islamic scholars expose the falsities of the Quran

The Quran Dilemma – Ex-Muslim helps Muslims critically examine the Quran

Fealty to Christ,


2 responses to “*Big Shake* Wake up people! Tactics of Islamization Explained [VIDEO]”

  1. Still working my way forward, but if you’ve ever heard of Bill Warner and his website, politicalislam.com(org?), he’s a man who understands the great threat Islam represents to the world and I think you’d benefit from his stuff as well.

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