Open your eyes America.

Creeping Sharia

A new website for the Congressional Muslim Staffers Association details the room and time for Islamic prayers on Capitol Hill:

As we previously noted Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison stating here:

“…Muslim staffers on the hill meet for jummah prayers in a room under the dome of the Capitol…”

The group’s website also states the following:

For the primary benefit of Congressional Members and staffers, CMSA conducts briefings and issue forums on legislative and political issues that concern the Muslim American community and Muslim world…

CMSA produces religious and cultural programming that increases Congressional members, staffers and community members awareness of Muslim beliefs, traditions, historical narratives, and contributions to American culture…


Congressional briefing on the Gaza Humanitarian Crisis
Congressional briefing on the media’s use of “Islamophobic Language”
Weekly “Capitol Hill Jummah Prayer Service”
Annual Congressional Ramadan Iftar Reception
State Department Briefing on U.S. Public Diplomacy in the Muslim…

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  1. What??? I didn’t see this in the news! What ever happend to “separation of church and state?”

    If this would have been G. W. Bush and he had a Christian prayer service …

    • even though i know God is in control and we are told things will get worse before they better, it still burns my blood as a citizen of this awesome country to know it is purposely being destroyed and handed over to people who will not spare even the ones who are handing it over. i’m a little sad.

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