New TSA behavioral detection and Stability Police

Just a couple of the “goodies” in store for us. There is so much I don’t post because I’m trying not to spend so much time on the internet.

TSA readying new behavior detection plan for airport checkpoints

Having a bad day? Worried about something while you’re traveling? Eat one too many airport pastries? Watch out! I’m no expert, but I can imagine a large number of false positives while those who actually are terrorists avoiding the system altogether because of training.

We are having a problem with one group of people in particular. It’s best just to profile based upon the ethnicity and religion of those causing the problem. It’s entirely necessary for our own safety.

Study: U.S. Marshals suited to be ‘Stability Police’ in U.S.

Not many people are aware, but Obama wants a civilian security force. Hey, did you know Hitler had one? Just sayin’.

Don’t you just love the Orwellian names they pick for things these days? Stability Police. Homeland Security. The Patriot Act.

More to come.


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