Where’s my spaceship? I’m voting for these guys…

Ok. So far I’ve seen two of these bumper stickers while driving around town.

I have to say I’m little bit shocked. In fact, the first time I saw one, I was seriously concerned for the man who had it. I wanted to follow him until he stopped somewhere and ask him,

“Sir, do you realize someone put an Obama 2012 sticker on the back of your car? Yeah. You’re driving around with it and everyone can see it.”

Then I realized it was perfectly placed right in the center of his bumper and that he actually meant to put it there.

God appoints leaders. Well, fortunately, we know that God appoints leaders like Barack Obama [Daniel 2:21; John 19:11; Romans 13:1]. And although I am hating to see our country unravel, this is comforting. He has His reasons. So, when we see things like this in the media…

Putin Sent to Russia by God: Kremlin Aide

…it is essentially correct, although not in the same way that the one making the claim might mean.

I’m voting for these guys. Well, I gotta tell ya, despite the plethora of promises we are promised each election, the bottom line is it’s 2011 and I’m still a little upset that I don’t have a personal spaceship yet, so, I’m voting for these guys.

Abandon Hope, Vote Empire


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