Huh? Fired from his job for what?

Frank Turek, host of an excellent apologetics radio program entitled CrossExamined, has recently been fired from his vocational job at Cisco because he believes in natural marriage. Yes, that’s right. Because he believes in natural marriage, he was fired.

Read about it here.

Frank is featured here on my site.

Visit his ministry’s web site.

Visit his blog.

It would be interesting to know whether those involved in getting him fired are here on the earth as a result of a natural marriage.

This is yet another example of how tolerance doesn’t really exist. The idea of tolerance is a fallacy created in the minds of those who wish to practice intolerance.

One response to “Huh? Fired from his job for what?”

  1. They have “diversity and tolerance” [mandatory] group sessions, where they indoctrinate and shove all of the perversions and the race-bait inc propaganda, and preach “tolerance and acceptance” of many specific things, like homosexuality and reverse-discrimination; one noteworthy specific topic missing in this is “acceptance of Christian principles.”

    Now, you’re not permitted to exercise your 1st amendment right, in your private life without fear of penalty, even though you make no association of your views to your work or place of work.

    That’s tolerance! Our country has come so far…..AWAY from a principled, moral, nation.

    Good is “evil” and evil is “good”… yes, we are already here.

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